viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Cécile Mancion - Stylist & illustrator will design new tags for Zazie's bags.

Cécile Mancion is a young french illustrator and stylist. Cécile has started working on Zazie's bags new tag design, and here is her first sketch.

One of our main concerns, either when we take pictures of the bags as for any graphic representation of them, is showing that they actually are laptop bags. 
Even though one of our design goals is to make them look like street bags, when it comes to show their function to everyone who doesn't know Zazie's yet, we always have to show the open bag, which is not the ideal and nicer solution. We'll be working on this... and, so far, Cécile has done a pretty good job, huh? 

Anyways, we will be showing you the final tag illustration soon and will publish an interview of Cécile soon!

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