domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Etsy shop!

Zazie's : girly laptop bags!

So now you know the story of how the bags were created, but what about what's going on these days at Zazie's ?
Zazie's laptop bags officially became a registered trademark and started to get distributed in some Barcelona stores a few months ago.
Their goal is to offer a girly and original design to computer storage, having at the same time, a strong and well padded structure that will protect laptops.
The bag's interior design is in a constant evolution even though nobody could see that from the outside! As the woman who sews them says "they have a very beautiful and rich inner life".

The first prototype.

It is funny (yet not quite romantic) to think the first sketch of a laptop bag I ever drew was made with Adobe Illustrator, but it is also symbolic: my laptop's new outfit was designed thanks to my laptop.

I was taking a sewing class with Ruth at l'Atelier del Raval in Barcelona. When she saw my sketch she kind of made fun of me but we both quickly got down to work seriously. We made the patterns and thought about a realistic way to make a strong and resistant but beautiful and feminine laptop bag.
The fabric sourcing at Nunoya store was crucial. I got just the right type of fabric--a strong tapestry cloth with a black & white flower pattern design which would wear well and continue to look clean after months and years of use. Also, Ruth had some great padded fabric which was originally used to make car seats, and it turned out to be the perfect lining for the bags!
After a couple of sewing sessions (and many extra hours of work by Ruth!), Ruth and I got my laptop bag ready without really thinking that it was to be the first prototype of a whole line!

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

The beginning of everything...

Sunday morning, cup of coffee in hand, illustrator sketching time.
Never really believed this was the beginning of my current main source of pleasure : Zazie's Bags, my laptop bags line.